Late in the night when I was all alone and felt lonely and couldn’t hold myself together and there was just darkness around me; that was when I discovered the writer within me! I wanted to tell someone how I felt but there was no one who wanted to listen to me. I learnt to live with and love solitude. But I realized that I was becoming a complex man. I no longer felt human. And one lucky day, I stumbled upon literature.
I found that I could mould my emotions into poems and it was the best way to give vent to them. This divinity of literature has filled me up with joy and it is my strength.
Now when I’m alone, I don’t feel lonely because my thoughts are always with me and I can transcribe them into words. I wish everyone in this mighty Universe had the privilege of realizing the beauty of life with words. I aspire to write more and more because it gives me a satisfaction that nothing else has ever been able to hitherto :’)
Love and be loved 🙂

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      • I actually am physically blind, but I “see”with my heart. I went blind a cluple of years ago as a result of my cancer treatment. I also cannot walk for the same reason so am in a wheelchair. But life is good

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      • Good question. I have various Apps on my iPad that help me. Like dictation software. Problem is, it doesn’t always puck my words up properly. For reading stuff I have a different App but the problem with that is that it doesn’t show you where buttons are, to cluck on. You have to do it by trial and error.

        The other way is that with my iPad I can reverse the coloyrs so I see white on black, because I can just about see that, though it is blurred. I expand the screen, but then that means I have to scroll around a lot, to read something. It’s hard, and I am only just kearning, but I need to kearn it. I di have SLIGHT vision but it is foggy and I can’t see pictures at all. Whatever I CAN see is like in a massive fog. But Zi persevere. I have to. I write pietry lol. It is my life. Ha!

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