The tired and faded leaves
Hear the autumn’s call
And summon the twigs
To bid good byes.

They go on a trip, their last ever;
They’re everywhere, on the streets
And in the skies, caught in the breeze,
Painting the countryside with their farewell colors.

It showers snow from the heavens
And the cold Sun eagerly sprints
To call it a day before the stars are even ready
To fill up the abandoned night skies.

The chaos shuts down and sinks
In a sea of tranquility, calmness everywhere;
But only until the Songbird starts whistling again
To beckon the spring and its dewy pearls.

Bliss blossoms where the rose should grow,
When spring arrives with its promising air.
The tendrils flutter in joy for they breathe
The scent of novelty, sweet and mellow.

Nature dresses up in greens and blues,
Yellows, reds and every other hue
The Sun shines brightly again, in zeal
And kisses the early morning mist, ”Goodbye, love”.

-Pranav Hegde

Picture Courtesy: Ambika