What loneliness feels like

Under the stars and in a sea of void,
The only planet where life is robust,
With no one else to share life with,
It floats like a lonely mote of dust!

Is it thus hereditary I wonder,
To feel lonely and to float in a void?
Or is it a social epidemic to ponder,
“Why am I the one, people always avoid!?”

Deserted in a crowd, invisible to the eyes around,
Screaming from inside but inaudible to the outside.
Unfelt, undesired, unheard,
Feeling as unwanted as Ferric Oxide! (rust)

The impression of not belonging anywhere
Stems from a tempestuous desire for acceptance;
When the mind learns it won’t be accepted for what it is,
It prefers to endure loneliness over a fake sense of admittance!

We long for absolute congruity
In a world full of constant disparity.
‘People qualified enough to understand us’?
There’s no one with such ability!

Foraging for a perfect companionship,
Where both the minds will think alike.
Hope is my only searchlight; and until then,
This poem is what loneliness feels like!

-Pranav Hegde