The Lonely Bench


The tiny drops of clouds
Carrying the inverted image of the sky
Drip from the rain soaked fingertips
Bringing the misty taste of Heavens 

The lush green bushes
And the thirsty brown Earth
Sing the song of the wind
In the joy of the arrival of monsoons

The lonely bench in between
Awaits the two of us, trembling in the cold;
Wanting us to ease it up
With the warmth of our love and romance.

Heart wants what it wants


I used to run along and wave
At the fast moving trains 
Thinking that the people inside 
Would be waving back at me

I used to look up and shout
At the zooming airplanes 
Assuming that the people flying
Would see me from miles above 

I used to climb up the stairs 
And stare in awe; and blink
At the twinkling stars; thinking
They were winking at me 

After all these years
Now I know, I was only trying to believe 
What my heart wanted to believe 
Notwithstanding the actual truth

And yet, I still look at her all day
Admiring her moonshine eyes, 
Her beautiful bright smile
Her hair silky, as long as the Nile

After all, 
The heart wants what it wants. 


Would you be satisfied
If you had plenty of love,
And realised that the world only has
People with shallow​ hearts and minds? 

Would you be satisfied
If you spent all your time,
Fighting and being brutal
But you forgot to be Kind?

Would you be satisfied
If you lived an ordinary life,
And did nothing in this ephemeral time
That’d leave your marks behind? 

Would you be satisfied
If you were looking for peace
All over the Universe
But not within yourself, being blind? 

Would you be satisfied
If you had a billion questions,
Only to be found with no answers
But the stark ignorance of mankind?

Would you just be satisfied
If you could fill your stomach,
But couldn’t appease
The hunger of your mind?