Mining myself deep down the mind

I’ve excavated to find out the truth

All these things that I call as ‘mine’

Are staying back here like my burning youth 



Let us walk down together
Carefully arpeggiating our lives
Summing up a soothing harmony
That reaches the heavens above the skies


If it’s the same air that we breathe
If it’s the same air that reaches every part of our body
If it’s the very one that’s present everywhere
Then why on Earth does it make everyone feel so different?

If it’s the same air that carries the fragrance of flowers
And if it’s the same that carries the petrichor of fresh rains
If it’s the very air that spreads all over the world
Then why on Earth doesn’t love spread like hatred does?

When it’s hot, all of us need cold air
And when it’s freezing we seek for warmth
When we’re in sorrow we need some comfort
And when we’re in joy we look for more gaiety
If we’re all essentially the same
Then why on Earth do people have trouble understanding each other?

If it’s the same soothing air that makes you feel on top of the world,
Isn’t it the same air, that as a storm breaks millions of hearts?
Why on Earth?
Will we ever know?


I am a pillowcase
Cozy and soft; Neat and tidy; but,
Stuffed with deep and dark emotions
I have a lot of empty space
For the foams of new thoughts and notions

I am easy, I am light
Loved to be with on lonely nights
The stains on my face are the tears
Of people who shed them when
They don’t find another shoulder in the sight

I am tough, I’m all right
I am adored until I’m torn apart
I am a pillowcase until all I am
Are the debris of dreams and illusions
That people leave behind before a new day starts


Since when have I been running away
Far from home in this strange place
I don’t remember how to breathe again
My thoughts float like in outer space
I could walk to a rock
And make it talk
There was nothing in the world
That I couldn’t face

I dream of the things
The way they used to be
Take away all my money
Give my dreams back to me

I want to be home
Where my heart waits for me
All my memories keep calling
“When is your homecoming?”

Since I’ve been flying with the wind
I’ve forgotten what to chase
I cannot think of running anymore
I didn’t sign up to run this race

I feel better when the heavens pour on me
The thunders remind me of my wish to be free

I want to be home
Where my heart waits for me
All my memories keep calling
“When is your homecoming?”

I’ve seen it.


I’ve seen those shining eyes
Sparkling magic; it appears
As if all the mysteries in the world
Were put in two tiny spheres

She brings meaning
To the dream-filled eyes
Lures you into her secret
World of beautiful sunrise

I’ve seen that alluring smile
Startling my heart; it beckons
As if all the miseries in the world
Were to be knocked down in seconds

She brings meaning
To radiant smiles
Makes your world bright
And the time spent’s worthwhile

I’ve seen her tender love
Ethereal to what I’ve known
She paints your ordinary world
With her enchanting cosmic tone

She brings meaning
To selfless love and care
Loves you more than you do
The best of the love you can find anywhere