The Thin, The Thick, and The Perfect!

“This guy is so skinny we could use him as chopsticks!”
“This guy is so thin that he could be used as a replacement for a skeleton in the bio labs”
“This guy is so…”
Hahaha. I know these are funny jokes or should I use the politically correct word ‘Body-shaming’?

Personally, I don’t give a dime about being body shamed. Maybe because I’m used to it since the time I was Four years old. And moreover I have made up my mind to not get offended about anything at all in this era where people have assumed it as a birthright. This is also why I hadn’t written anything about this issue so far. But today, I think it’s high time I vented it out and gave it a voice. (I’m just a bit scared if that might reduce my body weight a little)

What started in a concerned tone of, “Don’t you eat anything?” took a turn and became a wacky “He is so… hahaha ahaha”. I felt like an outcast when the neighbourhood kids wouldn’t let me join their games because I was skinny. What in the world? They nicknamed me ‘GaaLi’ which literally translates to ‘Air’.
Yes, I survive on air and light. That’s part of the reason why I’m lightweight. But in my twenty years of existence and sixteen years of hearing people talk about my low BMI (Body Mass Index), I have never realised why people take so much interest in the way I’m structured. Maybe it’s their low BI (Brain Index).

When people try to measure the circumference of my wrist by grasping it with their fingers around and check how many fingers of the other hand they can thrust in the gap, what game are they playing? Wrist coitus?
When they call me a victim of malnutrition and in someway it is hysterically funny, are they suggesting that I note down their phone numbers so that I can book them for a stand up show at my wedding?

As Humans, we are said to have been blessed with empathy and ability to express them through words. But are we deploying them in the best way? When you point at someone skinny or obese and laugh or you ask them hurtful questions, aren’t the other fingers pointed at yourself for being an outright jerk?
I have never been a fan of society and its countless fingers pointing at each other for one or the other pointless issue which instead, could’ve been clasped together to build a strong and harmonious society. But no, we want to be jerks. That’s what we have the Masters’ degree in.

Through this post, I don’t want anyone to sympathise about people having “ABNORMAL” body structures. All I want to ask on behalf of every victim of body shaming is this. Try to understand that nature is not fair with everyone. Some are overweight while some are underweight, some are ‘Tall enough’ while some are short, some are perfectly normal while some are victims of some sort of disabilities. Let your actions not hurt someone else’s feelings. While you should be thankful for the privilege of having a “PERFECT BODY”, you should also pray for a Perfect Mind that is compassionate and apprehensive. Let your silly jokes not make a person feel uncomfortable with his/her own body.

And to my fellow victims, Let not their needle sharp comments prick and deflate your confidence. You don’t have to feel inferior or insecure about yourself. A measuring tape doesn’t define who you are. It is about the size of the fire within yourself that matters. You are as awesome as you are. Live everyday happily. Because when you look back at your life after decades, it should have been nothing but LEGEN-WAIT FOR IT-DARY!

Peace out. ✌



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