My Best Friend


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“Mumma, do you hear me? I am hungry, bring me some food” Sana called out to her mom once again.

Sana is my best friend. She’s an adorable girl. She’s very curious and asks me so many questions that I don’t know the answers to.
Her mom takes us on a walk every evening and she’s very fond of it. She likes it when the wind blows through her hair and flips it across her face.
She doesn’t stop asking questions at all. Very eager to learn, I tell you.
If she hears a new sound she’s never heard before, she asks all about it. If there’s an aroma of some delicious food on the streets, she notices it before everyone else and she wants to taste it. Sometimes, we go to the beach and she likes playing in the sand but I think she’s sort of scared of the sound, the waves make.
Talking about sounds, she’s a gifted musician. She sings and plays piano like a pro already. She’s also performed in quite a few concerts and oh boy, do they love her, the audience!
Everyone loves Sana.

Mom was coming upstairs with a bowl of Gulab Jamun in her hand. Sana sensed it by the fragrance of it!

Oh did I forget to mention? It’s Sana’s fourth birthday today. Guests have been invited. They’ll be here by evening. She’ll be so happy to meet her cousins who’ll get her favourite presents. And on top of everything there will be cake! 

“Mumma did you make Gulab Jamun for me? You’re so sweet mumma! Just like the jamun”

Sana’s mom laughed at her little princess’s innocent words.

“Yes my sweetheart, I made them for you. Wish you a very happy birthday!”

“Thank you mumma”

“Eat them quickly. Then I’ll give you a bath and dress you up like an angel” said mom, feeding the Jamuns to Sana.

“Mumma, what is an angel? Sana asked in a naive tone.

“An angel is a beautiful girl like you who can make wishes come true!”

“Mumma do I look like an angel?”

“Yes my dear” she said lovingly.

Sana had a curious expression and was going to ask some more questions. She swallowed the Jamuns and asked, “Then mumma, can I make a wish and will it come true?”

“What’s your wish darling?” Mom asked surprisingly.

“Mumma I want to see you. I want to know what you look like. I want to see what Daddy looks like. I need to see myself and check what angels look like. I wish to see my room, my piano, the jamun, the sea, the mountains, the cars, the moon, the stars and everything that you’ve told me about. Will my wish come true Mumma?”

Mom was stunned. The bowl in her hand came crashing to the ground and spilled. She wasn’t expecting this question from her little angel. Words seemed to have vanished and only teardrops were flowing out like a river out of her eyes.

Sana asks me these sort of questions every now and then about what all of those things look like. Little do I know what they all look like. I’m just an outline of a body in her head. A body of imaginations. What she thinks people and things look like. Whatever she’s gathered by touching and sensing. She talks to me when there’s no one around her. When she feels lonely. She tells me her stories, her jokes. She sings sweet songs to me and calls me her best friend.

Sana had lost her eyesight to a congenital eye disease and was born blind.

I wish one day I could give all the answers to her but, who knows? I might just fade away from her head as well. 


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