Walking the path of our berserk lives,
We run, We fail, We fall!
We look through the windows; a dampening sky!
Slits or bruises, the rain will heal them all.

The falls they hurt and break us into pieces
With every such piece, our strength too ceases
Let’s get up on the ground, with no hand to pick us,
And sew up the pieces back with stitches!

The wounds will burn but scars they won’t
The marks they leave, will always haunt,
Wounds are for the skin but scar is for the mind
After all, it’s only a corpse; after the soul leaves it behind!

When the skin cuts open, let’s grab all our keys!
Quickly find the right one and unlock our minds free
Let all the pains and grievances ooze out
And make room for joy! Because, that’s what we need!