Stealing lives


You and I,
Began to die,
From the moment
That we were born!

So let us die,
Slowly together,
Stealing in between
Whatever beautiful lives we can!

Dreams they come;
Dreams they go.
But true desires,
They always glow!

When it showers,
And when it sweats;
When it shivers,
And in the storms,

Let’s tarry together
Longer than life’s longing!
Rowing across lives;
And shimmering afterlives!

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Elevate with Elegance


A chest that feels hefty
Hasn’t let go of its burdens!
If the bones aren’t empty
What good is flight to the birdlings?

‘Pain’ was meant for us to realize
The worth of absence of it!
Humans are deemed the wisest of the wise!
For we must learn from the mistakes we commit!

The contrast betwixt life and inert
Is the presence of an Ethereal Soul!
Rather than Love, if it’s shoved with dirt,
Isn’t it hindered from playing its role?

Wash the foul and clean your soul
Burn your sins and everything in relevance;
Gulp the Elixir from the Golden bowl
And watch yourself Elevate with Elegance!

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Image courtesy: Nakul Padave

The walls of Despair will blind you and terrify you!

The last ray of light will leave you without a clue!

It is now that you shouldn’t surrender to a negative point of view!

Nurture the hope and grow the faith in you;

The walls will break asunder and hope will drag you out of the dark and guide you through a world that’s new!

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Mermaid of Magenta


When you feel abandoned
And there’s no one to talk!
There is nothing more abundant
Than the desire to rewind the clock;

You feel so faint and feebly lost
That you look for a map that comes at a cost
You need the love that will melt down the frost
Before you find yourself forever lost!
You need to wait for the time to start
To mend your soul and your broken heart

Close your eyes and breathe in the air
The Mermaid of Magenta will appear there!
Ask her for joy, she has it all
She lives within you, you haven’t noticed at all

The Mermaid, she knows
You’re all alone
She’s seen the times, when you were down;
And the times, when you shone!

When the dew drowned stars
Hang in the skies
They look at her grace
And glimmer in her eyes

Her face beams Magenta
She’s filled with spirit
When you’re in solitude
She’ll fill you with it

All you have to do is ask for it and
Close your eyes and breathe in the air
The Mermaid of Magenta will appear there!
And give you the treasure of love and care!

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