The ocean of love


A setting Sun on the west and a rising Moon on the east; an auburn sky merging with an expanse of water; a fleet of ships sailing on the horizon; a cold breeze blowing gently where I’m strolling, imagining walking the shore with your fingers clasped in mine, singing melodies of our love and life.

I am missing you without even knowing you; also unsure about your very existence. Like the immense measure of the ocean, my love for you has been boundless. It might look shallow to you from where you stand but as you walk on, it goes deeper and deeper inside. I wish to stand on the sand holding your hand and watch the waves that hit the shore relentlessly; just like my feelings for you hit the shore of my heart.

As I stand on the edge of land, the water comes rushing towards me and goes back teasing me by washing away some sand from beneath my foot. I go down in the sand but I’m still waiting for the arrival of the ship that life will bring to me, for it will bring you too in it. Countless ships have sailed but none contained you. Hope has never been down. The sky has rained, the sky has been dry. The birds in the sky have seen me cry. Now it’s time for them to tell you that I’m here waiting for you.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been struggling to be myself when everyone has  kept telling me what I should be and what I should be not. I guess it happens to every person. It happens to you too. This makes me wonder if I love the real you or the one who you think you want to and pretend to be!
People told me to stop waiting and move away from the ocean of love. They told me that you won’t be able to make it and will never come for me.  But I don’t believe them and I will be here till the end. I reckon people would have told this to you too. But I have faith in you that you will not listen to them.

The Sun has set and night is falling. The dusk is swallowing all the light and growing into night. Although, the moon is very bright and I can see a boat coming towards me. I supposed you were in it. But as it is closer now, I can see no one. I guess you aren’t coming.

The two souls stayed on the either shores of ‘The ocean of love’ expecting each other’s arrival on the boats whilst life had played it’s own game. Little did they know that instead of boarding the boats that had come to pick them up, they had kept waiting for each other forever.

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