The delight of my life


I feel so calm when I look into her eyes,
And when I’m with her, I feel I’m as twice!
She holds my hands and grabs me closer;
Takes me to her world of boundless skies!

I know I’m dull and pale and colorless
But her smile alone fills me up with hue
Even as I think it’s the doomsday of my world,
She sweeps away the clouds, and the sky again is blue!

I feel I’m so empty and hopeless to the core
I feel I’m so lonely and can’t reach the shore
But if she’s by my side, I’m quite sure
She’ll take me with her, out through the door

Joy it is when she laughs for no reason
Joy it is when she looks like an angel from heaven
Joy it is to dream about her all day long
Joy it is when she’s mine everyday and every season

It hurts to think of a time without her presence
The world seems so empty in her absence
I might as well vaporize into thin air
What is it to be living without my life’s essence?
Living without the delight of my life makes just no sense!

Penned down by Pranav Hegde


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