Be the one

Be the light
You want to see
In the eyes of the people
Who’re lost in the darkness of life

Be the air
You want to breathe
On top of the misty greens
Fresh and free from snags of life

Be the diamond
You want to shine
From the black dust,
Of what you’re!

Be the tear
You want to flow
From the eyes of the people
Washing their miseries of life!

Be the love
You want to feel
In the heart of the person
You wish to spend the rest of your life!

Be the one
You want to be
In your dreams and realities
Let not the world command what you have to be in your life

Penned down by Pranav Hegde

A beautiful life

A beautiful pot you appreciate the beauty of, had to be burnt in the potter’s furnace!

A beautiful sculpture you appreciate the beauty of, had to take so many painful chisel shots!

A beautiful life of yours people will appreciate the beauty of, had so much of pain and misery!


But just think!
What if the mud gave in to the heat and burnt itself?

What if the stone gave in to the pain and broke itself?

It’s not about how the world treats you!

In the end you either make it or break it!

It’s in your hands whether to let the actions of others destroy your inner peace and joy.

Do good and be good because goodness is what goodness begets! Let the world wonder how beautiful your life is!

Penned down by Pranav Hegde

Being lost in your arms


Counting the stars, in the middle of the night
Right by my side, would you be holding me tight?
Mirroring the moon, in your bright black eyes;
It’s just a happy feeling
Being lost in your arms!

When all of the people are scuffling in strifes
Would you be walking, with me all my life?
Clasping my fingers in your soft little palm;
It’s just a happy feeling
Being lost in your arms!

When the wind wafts the dust and it blocks your sight
I shall blow soft air into your eyes, until you feel all right
Would you let me look into them and see the light?
It’s just a happy feeling
Being lost in your eyes

If the time won’t stop and the day starts to break
Would you still be awake, just for my sake?
Would you make me feel that I’m not alone?
No, don’t leave my hand because,
It’s just a happy feeling
Being lost in your arms

The moonshine would seep through your silky hair
You would be shining like a dreamy flair
Would you look at me and whisper my love,
That it’s a happy feeling for you too
Being lost in my love, being lost in my arms?

Penned down by Pranav Hegde

The delight of my life


I feel so calm when I look into her eyes,
And when I’m with her, I feel I’m as twice!
She holds my hands and grabs me closer;
Takes me to her world of boundless skies!

I know I’m dull and pale and colorless
But her smile alone fills me up with hue
Even as I think it’s the doomsday of my world,
She sweeps away the clouds, and the sky again is blue!

I feel I’m so empty and hopeless to the core
I feel I’m so lonely and can’t reach the shore
But if she’s by my side, I’m quite sure
She’ll take me with her, out through the door

Joy it is when she laughs for no reason
Joy it is when she looks like an angel from heaven
Joy it is to dream about her all day long
Joy it is when she’s mine everyday and every season

It hurts to think of a time without her presence
The world seems so empty in her absence
I might as well vaporize into thin air
What is it to be living without my life’s essence?
Living without the delight of my life makes just no sense!

Penned down by Pranav Hegde