I longed you were a better stranger


While loving you was a mist of oblivion
I thought it was a cloud that won’t pour down
But when the sky turned grey and the wind blew on
Feeble, I knew I was about to drown

I didn’t reckon you’d be my mistake
When you knocked on my door as a stranger
When in the end you chose to forsake
I longed you were a better stranger

I’ve seen you run I’ve seen you fall
I’ve seen in your eyes I’ve seen you sob
I’ve seen you crawl I’ve seen you stand tall
But now I’m in need and you’re nowhere at all

The world spun around, the days passed on
You were with me, those days are gone
Nobody stays, by now I’ve known
There’s no room for gloom, just keep moving on

Penned down by Pranav Hegde</


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