Sailing the days of plight


There are days when you’re reminded
Of the people whom once you called your lot
Their memories, for moments, keep you blinded
Until all you can only do, is miss them a terrible lot

You wake up with a glee
When you dreamed of them last night
But when epiphany strikes in
You feel yourself in plight

When you see them in your dreams
All you want is to restart
The strings that they once plucked
Still keep ringing in your heart

Some chose to stay by you
Only until they had something to gain
Some chose to stay by you
In your darkest hours of pain

For all the goodness sunshine does to you
It chooses to cease when the dusk falls upon
For all the benefits the one had to receive
It chooses to desert before you know it’s gone

Darkness was always there
It was the meagerness of light that you feared
You wouldn’t call it a day or a night
If no Sun shone while darkness neared

Feeling resentful is what you think all you can
But crying over spilt milk is not a very good plan
For a river runs forward and you’ve got to sail the days of plight along
Time doesn’t tarry; Life goes on and on and on.

Penned down by Pranav Hegde


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