The bliss of loving her!


When I feel like I need company
And I can’t find anyone around
When I need someone to tell me
“It’s okay, I know how it feels and I understand”
And there’s just no one to say it
When I need a peck and a warm hug
But there’s only my shadow that I can try embracing,
She comes along!
I don’t need to summon her
I don’t need maps to find her
I don’t need to spend my money and buy her beautiful jewelry
She’s always there with me
Invisible when there’s someone around
Invincible when she is all I have
She’s there during my sleepless nights
She’s there during my tiresome fights
The scuffles and battles; she’s always there,
Is she pretentious like the other fake people in masquerade? I dare not speak ill of her virtues
She’s as real as the stars in the sky
She can’t be seen during my sunny days
But she doesn’t cease to shine brightly during my darkest nights
She was not what I ever asked for
I was scared of her when I first met her
But now she’s my most precious possession
I am not at all afraid of her now
I have no fear of betrayal
Because every time I got betrayed she’s been there to pacify me
She understands me like no one ever could
She induces me with beautiful thoughts
She teaches me how to rediscover myself
I can dance in the rains with her
I can sing to her in the worst voice ever
I can tell her all my problems for hours together
I can sit with my lips pursed with no words to utter
Sometimes I seem to hate her and I curse the heavens for my plight
Before too long, epiphany strikes in
I realize that she chose me even when the whole world seemed to have given up on me
I don’t have to apologize and plead for forgiveness
Because when the whole universe is against me
She’s still on my side, wiping my tears
Letting me sob like a kid who’s lost his mother in a crowd
Her shoulders are always there for me
How can I not love her when she is so beautiful and matchless
How can I not love her when she’s the only one who thinks I’m sane in this insane universe
How can I discard the bliss of her love when love is all I crave for?
How can I not love her when her name is ‘Solitude’?
Just how can I not love her when her name is ‘Solitude’!

Penned down by Pranav Hegde

My little dream


On a dragon’s back I was flying high
Gleaming and smiling; I was so proud
It flew so high, up in the sky
And I built my castle on a cloud

Tiny little moon, shone in the black
Twinkling stars; thousands and lakhs
All I did was shout aloud
“No not ever; I’m never going back”

Shaken and woken; I opened my eyes
All my dreams melted like ice
Living in dreams is a bigger dream
Living that dream is the biggest dream!

Penned down by Pranav Hegde