Nothing as good a life in Solitude


Even if everyone around you is rude
Don’t stop living with a positive attitude
Don’t be sad at the way you’re viewed
Better than to have someone is to live in solitude

They might not stay as long as you wished
They might forget everything they promised
At a certain point even the Sun might be vanished
But a new dawn will break as soon as the night is dead

Hope is a word you shouldn’t forget
Faith in yourself gets you the best
Do no bad no wrong to protest
Cuz goodness is what goodness begets

The world around you might be fake
But your life is not mere to forsake
Learn to endure and swim; life’s a lake
Live for yourself; not others’ sake

When in distress thy heart aches,
You feel that your world quakes and shakes
Don’t let your troubles and sorrows put a brake
To the wonderful future you can henceforth make

Penned down by Pranav Hegde