If I can, yes you can.


This joy, this sorrow
Show them to the world
Can you not?

Your sorrow is your joy unmasked,
Your gaiety, your miseries peeled;
Whether you choose to manifest morality or iniquity,
Make sure you’re genuine to yourself,
Can you not?

You smile when you’re whining within
You spout alligator tears when you’re really celebrating
What for is this facade and masquerade?
Flush them out
Can you not?

You hold your anger for a complete stranger
You burst upon a friend or a family member
Their affection and care, do you not remember?
Be just to them
Can you not?

You’re lonely and distressed
You’re lost and helpless
Don’t cry for someone to show up
Don’t expect someone to rescue
Console yourself for you apprehend yourself better than naught
Lay the path by yourself
Can you not?

Life is cruel, life is unfair
What you crave for is seldom what you gain
For life is a coin with faces of gain and pain
You toss the coin and toss out the pain
Life is long enough to attain even after you lose in vain
Behold the beauty of life with your special eyes
Behold and confront what it has to offer
Can you not?
If I can, yes you can.

Penned down by Pranav Hegde


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