Night too gentle.


Frail and fragile , discerning beyond the mist,
The ‘Day’ stood up, to leave before the moon lit,
As the ‘Dusk’ made it, with a playful grin.
“They’re heartless my boy, there’s no way to win”.

Frightened by the heinous and the wicked beasts,
‘Dusk’ too young to stand and resist,
Leaving no trails, no scent in the wind,
‘Night’ too gentle, calm and serene.

Driven by the monsters’ horrific lust,
Killed were many, they gave in to the unjust.
They blamed the ‘Night’ for its dark skin,
Night too gentle, calm and serene.

Thwacked and hauled; a shackled wrist,
‘Light’ was dying as seen by the rest!
They blamed the ‘Night’ for being the dark twin!
Night too gentle, calm and serene.

They hated the ‘Darkness’, they burnt its nest,
‘Night’ too cold to move its frozen fist.
En route to uproot the guiltless night’s wing,
Night too gentle, calm and serene.

No Light, no Darkness, both cease to exist.
No life, no love, no hint of the nicest.
No cycle of dawn and dusk is to be seen,
Night too gentle and calm; it just gave in.

Penned down by Pranav Hegde



Steadfast as we stand,
Oh brother lift your hand,
To salute her and let her be known,
This high esteem will never melt down!

A mother, a sister, a friend, a nun,
Her role as a lady, none undone!
As tranquil as Moon; as bright as the Sun!
No less than men, she’s number one!

From the deep Pacific to the outer space,
From the ancient history to the future’s race,
In every nook and corner, in every success,
She’s bestowed her best, withholding the stress!

Whilst in the shower of dusk we were,
Giving in, to the darkness, everything was blur!
Nothing was seen, all men were blind,
She led the path, as the light of mankind!

Ripped and chipped and torn apart,
Beaten by the beasts who’ve got no hearts,
Standing alone in a storm of sand,
Beaming with dignity, she expects no hand.

Oh dear brother, let’s take an oath,
For she deserves no brutality no loathe;
Love and trust and kindness and protection-
For if she’s happy, earn them *’we both’

*we both = men and women

Penned down by Pranav Hegde