What they sought and what they got!

Pure and true love was what she sought,
There was no one to quench her thirst!
Freedom and relief were, for what she fought,
Waiting for her man, to rescue her first!

Sporting a smile in the midst of her anguish,
She hadn’t let her hope to languish!
She knew her role in this world lay incomplete,
And she knew her dole was not to retreat!

There came an insignificant chap,
Whose destiny lay with this beautiful girl!
Setting her free from the shackled trap,
He had found his precious pearl!

He had slept his sleepless nights,
Waking in the dreams of her!
He had come to hating lights,
Whilst in the dark she were!

Searching the woods and seas and cities,
Marching every place on the map,
Now had he come to embrace her,
But, startled was he left by the mishap!

Holding a camera in her hand,
Peeking through the hole it bore,
She left, following the footprints on the sand,
Of the man she used to adore!



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