Into the episodes of past.

Falling apart, it’s time to depart,
Leaving the trails, on the path we’ve hailed!
Long; we thought but it turned too short!
Two years of college and now we’re out of the cage!

People to be missed are uncountable!
Juniors, seniors, fellow mates and teachers;
Memories to cherish are unforgettable!
Anecdotes for our kids about what life teaches;

Spent a moment, moments a many!
Bitter as neem and sweet as honey!
Happy and sad; both made memories,
Crossing the worth of mere a money!

Fights and break ups, compromises and patch ups,
Deaths of friends, only made us dense!
Treats and parties, hangouts and dates;
How badly I wish, I could rewind the dates!

When we were new, we knew only a few,
Two years blew and now we are a crew!
We’ve sailed the distance with different grades,
Time has come to fade into shades!

Days of teenage are moving,
Into the episodes of past!
All we can wish is to keep in touch,
And let these memories long last.



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