What my heart said…!

Thinking about her has become my routine,
Longing all day for her to be my queen!
Grey was my life, she’s turning it green,
She’s such a beauty that I’ve never seen!

Stealthy deep eyes, brown as they are,
Stealing my heart, leaving a scar!
Rapidly beating, knocking my chest,
My heart is screaming, “She’s the best!”

“Keep up your chest, don’t let me down!
I’m your heart, dressed up in gown!
She’s your Princess, you’re her Prince,
Go get your girl and get me my crown!

She’s the only right, She’s the only left!
Stride up to her, steady and straight,
There’s no turning back, not in my sight,
Neither you may, nor you might!

Confess your love, may what come,
May you gleam or tears fall some,
For if she loves you, joy is for sure,
For if she doesn’t, you may have to endure!”



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