In the nook of my lonely mind,
In a gloomy border of emptiness!
Dug my heart to bury those memories,
You were then, fond of my presence! 

Now I shed the tears,
It’s been too many years,
I just pat my back,
Heaving the frozen droplets off my cheek!

I’m the only other person,
Who has no proper reason,
To walk by me, to drench in rain,
To wash the sorrows off and to ease my pain!
To scream so loud, “It’s a vicious world”
Not even my shadow’s with me, ‘cuz it’s so dark in here!

I’m an Idiom in the sky,
Flung into the clouds so high,
Puff a breezy wind, let the shower begin!
I want to live again, this time not in vain,
I’ll cascade down, washing my pain!



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