But still, happy I am!

Sometimes I feel I walk alone,
Sometimes I feel embraced!
Although the crowd is all along,
I feel I am disgraced!

Joy it was to be with you!
Yes, joy it was to own you!
Opened my eyes, they were in tears!
In through my heart did, you pierce! 

Here I am yet still alive,
Buzzing like a bee, alone in the hive!
Here I am but singing alone,
Boozed with the pain, set for the dive!

You made me cry and had the joyce,
Now I repent, for you were my choice!
I don’t hail you for what you did!
Blind were my eyes, that gazed and gauged you candid!

It was a venture you drove me through!
I believed that all you said was true!
Now I am, standing alone,
In the wind my feelings are blown!

Sure I’m am to discover,
The happiness and the will power!
That once flourished in the bay of my heart!
Until you pierced the dam and let ’em go apart!

-Pranav 24/03/2014


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