A world of happiness


Waking up from my cozy bed,
Thinking of those tears you shed,
Oh this world has turned too grey,
Let me find an all new ray!

Flying up on a silver cloud,
Sailing up to the moon’s world!
Lighting up the sky with stars,
Zooming past the breezy Mars!

Up above there out in space,
In the vacuum air is scarce,
Let us fill it with air of love,
Let us take from here all our love!

Moving out of this ambience,
With a boosting incipience!  
With the dream of founding new world,
Aviated off shore!

Join me in the flight!
Forget all the plight!
Let us build a new world,
Of happiness, full of happiness!

Waking up from my cozy bed,
Thinking of these dreams you fed,
Oh this world is turning green,
As I wished it would have been!



Broken up on a windy day,
Hurt my heart, yes in dismay!
Fell the monument,
Of our love and sentiment!
Watching the pieces in front of my eyes by wind, being blown away!
Being a loner and helpless on the ground just I lay!

But never will I, runaway to die,
I’ll surely be back, and withstand the heat!
Fallen I was off mountain peak,
Dropped into the ocean so deep!
Flying up with the wound still fresh,
Resurrection is into pace!
Yes never will I, runaway to die!
I’ll surely be back and withstand the heat!

My world beneath the horizon!

Beneath the blue shade,
Before the sunset,
Below the horizon,
I saw a world that I’d never seen before!

The golden lace of the Sun,
That had furnished the clouds,
Took away my breath for a moment!
Thought, I was dreaming, was I?

But, what came further?
In darkness, was I entangled;
There wasn’t any light for me!
There you came as the beacon!

Showed me the path,
Tracked me into a goal,
You induced the Determination into me;
Not just that but the essence of friendship!